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Nalini Sriharan Biography:- Nalini Sriharan is an Indian citizen who is the lone surviving member of the five-member squad that planned the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. She was arrested on 14th June 1991 for her alleged role in the assassination and is currently serving life imprisonment in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Central Prison.

Nalini Sriharan’s Age & Parents

Nalini Sriharan was born in 1967 in Ambalavanapuram in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. She is 55 years old as of 2022.

Her father, P Sankara Narayanan, was a police inspector who died in 2016 at the age of 92. Her mother Padmavathi Ammal was a nurse at a hospital in Chennai.

She has two siblings and she is the eldest of all. Her sister’s name is Kalyani and her brother’s name is P.S. Bhagyanathan.

Nalini’s mother and her brother were also arrested in 1991 for playing a role in the Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, but the Supreme Court acquitted them in 1998.

Nalini Sriharan’s Husband & Daughter

Nalini Sriharan Biography

Nalini is the wife of  V Sriharan alias Murugan, an LTTE operative who is another convict in the case and was sentenced to the death penalty by the court. He was a Sri Lankan citizen.

Nalini, who was two months pregnant when she was arrested, gave birth to her daughter, Harithra Murugan on 21st January 1992 while in the prison. She was raised in prison for five years and was later taken by her paternal grandmother to Sri Lanka.

Reportedly, Harithra then migrated to London where she practices medicine now. Nalini and her husband have not met her daughter since she left the prison, they have only been in touch through letters.

Nalini Sriharan Role in Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination

Nalini Sriharan Biography

Nalini was arrested on 14th June 1991 along with her husband from the Saidapet Bus Stand in Chennai(Madras).

She was charged for her alleged role in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and was sentenced to death along with the other 25 accused.

She was accused of providing shelter to the operatives of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) who executed the assassination.

However, after she gave birth to her daughter in the prison, Nalini’s death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

This was done because of the petition for clemency for the sake of Nalini’s daughter given by Rajiv Gandhi’s widow and Congress President Sonia Gandhi in 2000.

Nalini was treated as a class ‘A’ convict from 10th September 1999 till May 2010 when the privilege was withdrawn after a mobile phone was recovered from her cell.

In 2010, Nalini sought a release from the prison from the Madras High Court as she has served more than 20 years in prison while other life convicts are released only after 14 years. Her request was, however, rejected by the state government.

In 2014, Nalini’s husband Murugan, along with the other two death convicts were commuted to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court of India.

In 2019, Nalini got out on ordinary parole for 50 days. She was also granted parole for a few hours in 2004 for her brother’s marriage, and emergency parole in 2016 at the time of her father’s death.

In 2021, she was granted another parole by the Tamil Nadu government on her ailing mother’s request.

Until the Covid-19 restrictions were enforced, Nalini and Murugan could meet in the prison once every two weeks for about 15 minutes.

Nalini “regrets” the killing of the former Prime Minister and claims that the real conspirators have not been booked yet.

Nalini Sriharan’s Autobiography Book

Nalini Sriharan Biography

In 2016, Nalini released her autobiography titled “Rajiv Kolai: Maraikkappatta Unmaigalum, Priyanka Nalini Santhipum” (English title- The Rajiv Assassination: The Hidden Truths And The Meeting Between Priyanka And Nalini).

The book contains 500 pages describing different phases of Nalini’s life as per her perspective, right from her childhood, to her affair with Murugan, a conspiracy of assassination, her five days run as a fugitive, arrest, torture in custody, birth of her child in jail, conviction, jail life, and her meeting with Priyanka Gandhi in 2008.

Nalini Sriharan’s Educational Qualification

Nalini graduated from Ehtiraj College in Chennai with a degree in English literature before her arrest.

However, while being in the prison, Nalini attained a post-graduation degree in Computer Applications (MCA) from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in 2009 and a diploma in tailoring.

Nalini Sriharan’s Height and Weight

Nalini is 5’4″ tall. His hair and eye color are black.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nalini Sriharan:

Q.1 Who is Nalini Sriharan?

Ans: Nalini Sriharan is an Indian citizen who is the lone surviving member of the five-member squad that planned the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Q.2 What is Nalini Sriharan’s husband’s name?

Ans: Nalini Shriharan’s husband’s name is V Sriharan alias Murugan.

Q.3  In which jail is Nalini Sriharan?

Ans: Nalini Sriharan is serving life imprisonment in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Central Prison.

Q.4 What is Nalini Sriharan’s age?

Ans: Nalini Sriharan’s age is 55 years as of 2022.

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