Jungle Pam Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth & More

Jungle Pam Wiki:-  Jungle Pam or Pamela Hardy is popularly known as the backer or sidekick for the legendary drag racing star Jim Liberman, popularly also known as, “Jungle Jim”. Both performed in several drag races and had several public appearances.

Jungle Pam’s Early Life And Family Background

Jungle Pam was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the USA in the year 1954. Not enough information is available about her family background.

Jungle Pam’s Physical Traits

Jungle is 5’4″(157 cm) tall and weighs around. She has black-colored eyes.

Her hair color is also black.

Jungle Pam’s Likes and Dislikes

Jungle enjoyed traveling and cooking a lot.

Jungle Pam’s Career Details

Jungle Pam was spotted by Jim Liberman when she was just 18 years old and was about to be graduated from high school in May 1972.

Liberman initially hired her to stage his funny car on the line. Hardy would wear bold clothes, usually a tank top or skimpy halter and jean shorts which would attract a lot of attention.

Jungle initially intended to major in Business and was accepted to West Chester State, but she left the opportunity for being with Jim Liberman.

In February 1973, Jungle Pam and Jim Liberman appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine and were also featured in several auto magazines where Hardy wore go-go boots, short shorts, and titillating tops.

She even posed for the biggest sports photographer in the world however, after Liberman’s death, she never worked with another driver.

Jungle Pam’s Personal Life

Jungle Pam Biography

Jungle Pam dated Jim Liberman and toured with him for four years.

After Jim’s death, she later married Funny Car owner Fred Frey.

Soon after the couple’s divorce, Jungle married Bill Hodgson, who tunes  George Reidnauer’s Excalibur Corvette Nostalgia Funny Car.

Jungle Pam’s Net Worth

Jungle Pam’s estimated net worth was around $1.85 million.

Jungle Pam’s Social Media Accounts

Jungle Pam is active on Facebook. Check out the following link:


Frequently Asked Questions About Jungle Pam:

Q.1 Who is Jungle Pam?

Ans: Jungle Pam is popularly known as the backer or sidekick for the legendary drag racing star Jim Liberman.

Q.2 Who is Jungle Pam’s Husband?

Ans: Jungle first married Fred Frey and after her divorce from him, she married Bill Hodgson.

Q.3 How old is Jungle Pam?

Ans:  Jungle Pam is 65 years old as of 2022.

Q.4 When was Jungle Pam born?

Ans: Jungle Pam was born in 1954.

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