Leonardo Dicaprio and Gigi Hadid are Reportedly Dating

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Leonardo Dispero is dating a 27 year old girl Gigi Handi

It has just been revealed that both Titanic actors Leonardo DiSpiro and Gigi Handi are spending time with each other in New York.

While a source has revealed that Leonardo DiSprio and Gigi Handi are not dating each other.

It is also being said that Leonardo and ex-Girfriend Camila Morroi have been seen hanging out together

One man wrote on Twitter that both Leonardo and Gigi Handi are not paying attention to this rumor because Gigi is only 25 years old

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Leonardo is 47 years old and Gigi is 27 years old, the two want to be together.

Leonardo and Morrone are both divorced after 25 years, but the exact reason for their divorce is not yet known.

Hadid's biggest relationship is with singer Zayn Malik and they both have a two-year-old daughter named Khai.

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