8 labourers killed in Elevator Crash in Ahmedabad

To correct the bad building, eight laborers of Ahmedabad city of Gujarat were fascinated while correcting the lift.

This building was being built near Gujarat Campus University, the elevator in which the laborers were present suddenly crashed from the seventh floor.

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When the lift fell, about 7 workers were carrying a lot of things inside the life.

This lift crashed on the seventh floor wednesday morning

The workers were working in the lift chamber and that's when the lift fell down, Mahendra became a witness to this fact.

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Mahendra said that all the laborers live in Panchmahal district.

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Municipal Corporation said that this case will be investigated as soon as possible

Hitesh Barot, who is the chairman of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Committed, told the media that this case will be investigated in a good manner.