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Roma Abdesselam Wiki-

Roma Abdesselam, A woman on TikTok, calls herself a “Professional Stay At Home Daughter.”  Roma Abdesselam has been flaunting her lifestyle on the internet and has gone viral for her Daily Expenditure. She has said Spending  Parents money is like a full time job.

Roma Abdesselam got to famous from her tiktok videos. She debuted on tiktok in March 2020. Till now she has over six-hundred-thousand followers.

Roma Abdesselam


Roma Abdesselam Expenses & Lifestyle-

Roma Abdesselam shells out  more than $50,000 (approx 4 million) in just one day on shopping – by buying goods from Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Prada.

She’s a Tiktok Star and a Social Media Influence who keeps engaging her fans with Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty blogs.

Roma Abdesselam said “I’ve turned spending my parents money as a stay-at-home daughter into a job, and that’s been very, very fun for me”

Besides luxury clothing and designer items, Roma Abdesselam also spends her parents Fortune on Pilate classes, Exorbitant Feasts, Facials and Excursions. She prefers to live a luxury life where she doesn’t even need to earn.

Roma Abdesselam


Roma Abdesselam Profession-

Roma Abdesselam is a Dermatologist. She has owned a skincare company named For the Dermatologist, where they solve various skin-related problems.

Roma Abdesselam Age-

Roma Abdesselam was born on 27 December 1981. She’s 41 year’s old.


Full Name Roma Abdesselam
Date Of Birth 27 December 1981
Age 41
Known as Stay At Home Daughter
Profession Dermatologist
Ethnicity Not Known
Nationality Algerian
Place of Birth Oran, Algeria
Material Status Not Known
Net Worth $1 Million
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Roma Abdesselam Ethnicity & Nationality-

Roma Abdesselam ethnicity is not known. Her nationality is Algerian. She took birth in Oran, Algeria.

Roma Abdesselam Relationship-

Talking about Roma Abdesselam relationship, There’s no information about whether she’s married or in a relationship.

Roma Abdesselam Parents-

Roma Abdesselam parents are Christian and are Algerian by nationality.

Roma Abdesselam Net Worth-

In 2022, Roma Abdesselam net worth is approx $1 million.

Roma Abdesselam Zodiac sign-

Roma Abdesselam zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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