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Ravi Tandon Wiki:-Ravi Tandon is a stunning director. He is the father of one of the famous actresses Ravina Tandon. Ravi Tandon directed many super hits films like Khel Khel Mein, jawaab, Majboor, Anhonee, and Khud-Daar.Ravi Tandon directed his popular movie in 1987 which portrayed Rajesh Khanna, Samita Patil, and Shri Devi.

Here we can read about Ravi Tandon’s wiki. who was Ravi Tandon and the reason for his death?

Ravi Tandon Death, Cause of Death

Ravi Tandon was a famous director in Bollywood who directed great movies. After Ravi’s death, his family members shared many throwback pictures with him. It was very sad for the family, and their son was missed by his wife and daughter.

Ravi Tandon’s cause of death was respiratory failure. he got diagnosed with lung fibrosis and from that time he was surviving with his family. He died at age of 86.

Ravi Tandon Death, Cause of Death
Ravi Tandon passed away at the age of 86

Ravi Tandon Wiki, Biography

Ravi Tandon took birth on 17 February 1935. He came into this world by his parents in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a producer and actor in India who has directed over fifteen movies. Ravi Tandon worked from black & white films to Colored films. He was a Golden Era director. And her daughter, a versatile actress Ravina Tandon. 

Ravi Tandon worked with various actresses, and also give opportunities to newcomers. He also worked on a film named ‘Khuddar’ which was a worldwide success. He was a multi-talented who individually work as a director and as an actor.

Ravi Tandon was one of the most experienced filmmakers in the Industry. He was born in a Punjabi family and get married to Veena Tandon. Ravi Tandon was the father of two children.

Raveena Tandon, his daughter is a famous Bollywood actress made her debut in the film in 1991 titled by Pattar Ke Phool. Ravina has also won numerous Filmfare awards. His son Rajeev Tandon, is also a director and producer. he is also the producer of the super hit film ‘Bhaag Milka Bhaag’.

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Ravi Tandon Age, Height, Weight

Ravi Tandon was 86 years old. He was born on February 17, 1935. His height was 5′ 8″ and his weight was 90 kg.

Ravi Tandon Family

Ravi Tandon was married. After the death of his first wife, he married his girlfriend Veena. He had two children. Rajiv and Raveena Tandon were deeply affected by the death of Ravi Tandon. His father’s name is not known.

Ravi Tandon Family
Ravi Tandon was the father of Ravina Tandon.

Ravi Tandon Career

Ravi Tandon starts his acting career in 1960 with the Film named ‘ Love In Shimla’. But in starting he only appeared in a few films as a supporting actor. Later he realized that he was born for making films.

In 1993 he worked as an assistant director on the film ‘Yeh Rastey Hai Pyar Ke’.In some interviews, he also told that R.K Nayyar was the one who inspired him and gave him the opportunity.

He also worked with R.k Nayyar for five years (1959-1964). And get to know about directions and about films. After that, for the film “Balidaan” he worked as a director. Also, he worked as a director and a writer on the film ‘Anhonee,’ which was released in 1973.

In 1987 he directed a Film named ‘ Nazarana,’ in which Rajesh Khanna was the lead role. He was one of the best directors in the industry. He gave many great films to the industry.

Ravi Tandon Net Worth

Ravi Tandon is well known as a stunning director so his earnings is very well. If we talk about his net worth then we want to tell you that his Net Worth is 150 Crores.

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