Priyanka Shukla IAS Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Family, Husband, Height & more

Priyanka Shukla is An MBBS Doctor who Became IAS. Priyanka Shukla’s name is Dr. Priyanka Shukla.

Because of her doctoral degree in literature, Priyanka has not been positioned as a doctor before her name, nevertheless as an outcome of this, she has studied MBBS.

Priyanka Shukla had two major situations that changed her life and she became the lady tiger of Uttar Pradesh.

There are two compelling tales of Priyanka Shukla becoming IAS. The first is innocence. The second is associated with Lucknow. 

Priyanka Shukla IAS Wiki, Biography

Priyanka Shukla IAS’s birth date is 25 August 1980. Priyanka Shukla Belongs from Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka Shukla is an IAS officer in the area of Chattisgarh.

Priyanka Shukla IAS was an MBBS doctor before she wrote her UPSC examination and became an IAS officer. There was an incident that changed her life and her career. 

The incident was on a visit to a slum area for a checkup, she had seen a woman drinking dirty water and giving the same water to her kids.

Instead, the woman does not drink dirty water, but the woman ignored it. The woman asked Shukla if she was the collector to give that advice. 

This one line changed her life and career and she decided to become an IAS Officer. 

Priyanka Shukla IAS completed her MBBS degree from KGMU in Lucknow in 2006. 

Priyanka Shukla Age, Bio

Priyanka Shukla is 38 years old as of 2022. She is a talented officer. 

Priyanka Shukla an IAS officer from Chhattisgarh, is quite active on social media.

Priyanka Shukla Wiki, Biography, Age

Name  Dr.(Ms.) Priyanka Shukla
Date of Birth 25 August 1980
Age 38 Years
Nationality Indian
Cabre & Domicile Uttar Pradesh
Education MBBS
University KGMU Lucknow

Priyanka Shukla Career

Priyanka Shukla is a talented Doctor. She cleared her MBBS Degree in 2006. She is an IAS officer. Priyanka Shukla is active on social media.

She has 2.24 lakh followers on Twitter and over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Priyanka Shukla Family and siblings

We have no information about her family, siblings, and her marital life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Priyanka Shukla IAS

Q1 What is Priyanka Shukla IAS’ age?

Ans. 38 Years

Q2 Where is Priyanka Shukla from?

Ans. Priyanka Shukla Belongs to UP.

Q3 Priyanka Shukla IAS current posting.

Ans. Chhattisgarh

Q4 When did Priyanka Shukla pass her MBBS degree?

Ans. Priyanka Shukla passed her MBBS degree in 2006

Q5 Priyanka Shukla University.

Ans. KGMU Lucknow.

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