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Pranjal Kamra is Known as a the Investment Guru. He is an Indian Value Investor. He is a You tuber also. He has million of views on his videos. His videos are related to stock market.

Pranjal has written two books. First book name is “Mint Your Money”. Second book name is “Investonomy”. 

Pranjal was weak in his studies. His teacher always criticised him for his poor communication skills. 


Pranjal Kamra Wiki, Biography

Pranjal Kamra was born in year 1993. His birthday date is 16 February. He is 28 Years Old as 2021.He is from Raipur Chhattisgarh. 

He mentioned that in Bollywood movies the profession of Law consisted only of delivering dramatic speeches. He joined the Hidayatullah  National Law University. After joining he discovered that the maximum part of the lawyer’s job is research and not arguing in court. He lost his interest in this field very soon. His rank was 131 out of 145 student’s batch. In the final semester, he was left with 25 subjects to get a degree.

Pranjal’s parents wished that his son pursue LLM. He lied to his parents that his CLAT exam center was in Mumbai because he wanted to give the exam of NSIM.

Pranjal Kamra Age, Bio

Pranjal’s date of birth is 16 February 1993. He is 28 Years old as year 2021.

Pranjal Kamra Wiki, Age, Biography, And Personal Information

Full Name Pranjal Kamra
Date of Birth 16 February 1993
Age 28 Years
Proffession CEO of Finology, Ventures Pvt. Ltd, You tuber, Author
Birth place Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Nationality Ibdian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius


Pranjal Kamra Education

Pranjal’s completed his schooling at Holy cross senior Secondary schoool in Raipur. After that he pursued a Bachelor of Laws at Hidayatullah National Law University from Raipur. He did a post graduate programme in the securities market in 2016 – 2017 at the National Institute of Securities Markets Maharashtra.

Pranjal Kamra Career

 When Pranjal was in the third year of his law graduation he was introduced to the world of the stock market by his father. His father regularly watch shows related to stock. 

Pranjal started reading about his idol warren Buffett in his graduation’s fourth year. He went against his parents wishes . His parents wanted him to pursue post graduation in Law because he did a course in the Securities Market from NISM.

When Pranjal was studying in NISM. He was desired to create an institution. The institution provided novice investors with in- depth and unblased knowledge about the stock market. 

Pranjal created Finology as a blog and a You tube channel in year 2017. Pranjal’s 61st video went viral and he became a star. Finology is the first and SEBI registered firm in the Chhattisgarh. Pranjal upload the video related to the trending financial subjects on his Youtube channel.

Pranjal Kamra Parents & Siblings

Pranjal Kamra’s father name is Ravi Kamra. Pranjal’s mother name is Madhu Kamra. Pranjal’s mother works at Durga Mahavidyalaya Collage in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). He has one sister. His sister name is Priyanshi Kamra.

Pranjal Kamra Girlfriend

Pranjal Kamra’s girlfriend name is Priya Jain. Priya Jain is a  lawyer. She is co- founder of Finology. Pranjal  heads the finanace department and Priya heads the legal department of the Fiology.

Pranjal Kamra Height & Weight

Pranjal Kamra’s height is 5’8″ Feet. His weight is 65 Kg.

Pranjal Kamra Net Worth

Pranjal Kamra’s net worth is 20 crore. His monthly income is 7Lakh-15 Lakh in Indian Rupees. His income source is You tube Ads, Sponsorships, Book Royalty, Collaborations, paid finance services.

Pranjal Kamra Nationality & Religion

Pranjal Kamra is an Indian. His religion is Hinduism.

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FAQ about Pranjal Kamra

Q1 What is the income source of Pranjal Kamra?

Ans. His income source is You tube Ads, Sponsorships, Book Royalty, Collaborations, paid finance services.

Q2 What is the Net Worth of Pranjal Kamra?

Ans. Pranjal Kamra’s net worth is 20 crore. His monthly income is 7Lakh-15 Lakh in Indian Rupees.

Q3 What is Pranjal Kamra’s sister name?

Ans. His sister name is Priyanshi Kamra.

Q4 What is Pranjal Kamra’s girlfriend name?

Ans Pranjal Kamra’s girlfriend name is Priya Jain.

Q5  What is Pranjal Kamra’s company name?

Ans Pranjal Kamra’s company name is  Finology.

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