Omicron:detecion,spread and infection rate.

Like the other variants, omicron spreads from the nose and mouth and through virus particles that float through the air and can stay suspended for quite a while, especially in places with poor ventilation, many experts said that existing vaccines were not proving to be effective against the strain when the situation started worsening, people started asking when will the pandemic end?Omicron
Scientists say that Covid-19 will eventually become a pandemic disease and that the world will have to learn to live with it. According to the Union health ministry, 1,72,433 people tested positive for coronavirus infection in a day.

India’s total tally of covid-19 cases rise to 4,18,03,318, while the active cases decreased to 15,33, A reduction of87,682 cases were recorded the daily positivity rate was recorded at 10.99 per cent and the weekly positivity rate was 12.98 per cent according to the health ministry. the number of recoveries rise to 3,97,70,414, while the case fatality rate was 1.19 per cent.

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