Muddassir Khan Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Instagram, Yebook, Caste, Family, Height, Career, Net Worth & More

Muddassir Khan is a Youtuber. He is famous for his Youtube channel “Yebook”. Yebook is the number one channel for book summaries. On Yebook channel he teaches people famous books and videos. 

He learns magic tricks from the books. The book was given to him by his father. Muddassir is a cat lover. He plays piano in his free time. He has another Youtube channel named Muddassir Khan. On this channel, he posts motivational and other videos.

Sandeep Maheshwari offered Muddassir on his Youtube channel for collaboration. Muddassir enclosed that he once applied to be an audience in Sandeep Maheshwari’s Sessions.

Muddassir Khan Wiki, Biography

Muddassir Khan’s birthday date is not known. He is from Aurangabad India. He agreed that he was not a good student. Muddassir dropped school after 9th class because his father was facing some business loss. His financial condition is not good. Now he is a founder of “Yebook channel” This channel has 3.5 m Subscribers. 

Muddassir is founder of Yebook app also. His website “Yebook” is in the Hindi language.

He is invited for a podcast in his Hometown (Aurangabad).

Muddassir Khan Age, Bio

Muddassir’s age is not Known. We don’t have any information related to his age and date of birth.

Muddassir Khan Wiki, Age, Biography, And Personal Information

Full Name Muddassir Khan
Home Town Aurangabad India
Occupation Youtuber and founder of “Yebook”
Known For The owner of Yebook

Muddassir Khan Education

Muddassir was only the 9th pass. He drops his study after 9th standard because of some family problems.

Muddassir Khan Career

Muddassir Khan learned languages. He learned HTML and javascript language. He designed a website in 2001 for his company. He worked at an Internet cafe. Where his salary is 900 only. He gave the knowledge about the PHP language. 

  He met Anurag on Yahoo messenger. Anurag told Muddassir about CMS and Joomla, and after that he made a news website. He also made a billing application.

During this period he also started working on Yebook app. He continued to do his coding work.

Muddassir started to watch motivational videos, after his father’s death. He was inspired by “Fight Mediocrity”. He wanted to make apps, and websites, animate, and create unusual content. He learned how animated videos were made and he started making videos. 

Now he is a Youtuber He has two channels. First is Yebook and second is the Muddassir Khan channel. Yebook has 3.53 million subscribers. He has a website for Yebook.

Muddassir Khan Parents & Siblings

Muddassir Khan’s parents’ name is not known. His father died in 2015. 

Muddassir Khan Girlfriend

We don’t have the information related to his girlfriend.

Muddassir Khan Height And Weight

Muddassir Khan’s height is 5’7″. and we don’t have any information about his weight.

Muddassir Khan net Worth

Muddassir Khan’s Net Worth is not known.

Muddassir Khan Nationality And Religion

  Muddassir Khan’s Nationality and religion are not known.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Muddassir Khan

Q1 Who is a Muddassir Khan?

Ans. Muddassir Khan is a Youtuber. He is a founder of Yebook.

Q2 How Many subscribers of Yebook?

Ans. Yebook channel has 3.53 million subscribers.

Q3 How many youtube channel does Muddassir Khan has?

Ans. He has two  Youtube channels.

Q4 What is the name of his Youtube channels?

Ans. The first name of his youtube channel is Yebook and another name of the channel is Muddassir Khan.

Q5 What is the Net Worth of  Muddassir Khan?

Ans. We don’t know about his net worth.

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