Is Colin Hufman Married? Parents, Salary , Net worth , 2022 winter beijing olympics

Is Colin Hufman Married? :–  Colin Hufman is an American curler. He won the united state junior championship in 2002 by playing third for Leo Johnson’s squad. Earlier in  Kelowna, Also he represented the united state in the 2002 junior world championship. Colin Hufman also won a gold medal in 2018.

In 2022 colin Hufman and Ruohonen won a silver medal in the United States Men’s Championship. Colin also participates in Team John Shuster in the 2021 World Men’s Curling Championship in Calgary, Alberta.

Is Colin Hufman Married?

Here you can read about Is Colin Hufman is Married? Parents, Salary, Net worth, 2022 winter Beijing Olympics.

Colin Hufman 2022 winter Beijing Olympics. 

Colin Hufman will be representing the united state on 9th Feb and 10th Feb 2022 united States vs ROC men’s tournament round-robin.

Is Colin Hufman Married?

Colin Hufman is married. His wife’s name is Erin. His wife looks so beautiful with her blonde hair with light-colored eyes. According to colin, his wife is the biggest supporter of colin. Erin always goes to see her husband’s matches.

Colin Hufman’s parents.

Colin Hufman was born in Fairbanks, Alaska with his family. Colin’s father’s name is dave Hufman and his mother’s name is Joanne Hufman. As per some of his interviews, he mentioned he has a younger sister, kay. And colin said he is more influenced by his parents in his career and life.

Colin Hufman salary, net worth  

Colin Hufman has a net worth of 100k. In America, the average salary of a curler is almost 39k. Apart from all that, Hufman works as a mechanical engineer with team USA athlete advocate as a part-time corner.

In this blog, you can read about Is Colin Hufman Married? Parents, Salary, Net worth, 2022 winter Beijing Olympics.

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