Hlubi Nkosi Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Divorce, Business, Net Worth & More

Hlubi Nkosi Wiki:- Hlubi Nkosi is best known as the fiance of singer Londie London who starred in “The Real Housewives of Durban” season 2. The couple has recently been in the limelight as Londie is expecting her second child with Hlubi and he has been found cheating on her.

Hlubi Nkosi Cheating on Londie London

Hlubi Nkosi Biography

Hlubi Nkosi is recently in news for being a father for the second time. Her fiance, Londie London, has kept her pregnancy secret during her appearance in the second season of the show “The Real Housewives of Durban”.

Now, at the end of the season, the couple is in the news as there are rumors that Londie’s fiance, Nkosi is cheating on her. According to Musa Khawula, a notorious entertainment gossip blogger, Londie had left their home in Hillcrest after discovering that her fiance had been cheating on her and had impregnated another woman.

Musa Khawula also claimed that Nkosi had been planning a polygamous marriage with this second woman and was supposedly seeing her for two years.

Hlubi Nkosi Wiki & Biography 

Hlubi Nkosi is a business based in South Africa. He is the fiance of singer and model Londie London. The couple has been dating for a long and is already parents to a child.

Now it is revealed that Londie is expecting her second child with Nkosi who is recently in the news after the South African blogger Musa Khawula revealed that Nkosi is apparently dating another woman secretly and has impregnated her. After knowing this, Londie has moved out of her current residence.

Hlubi Nkosi Age

Hlubi Nkosi’s exact date of birth is not known, but he appears to be in his middle age.

Hlubi Nkosi Family

Hlubi Nkosi’s family background is not known. He is from a South African family.

Hlubi Nkosi Wife &  Divorce

Hlubi Nkosi is engaged to his fiance singer Londie London. The couple already has a child and are going to welcome their second child soon.

After the rumors circulating around Nkosi’s second marriage or having an illicit relationship with another woman, Londie has already moved out of their house. Currently, no official announcement has been made if the couple is planning to split up. But since they have not gotten married yet, they can not be divorced.

Hlubi Nkosi Business

Hlubi Nkosi is believed to be a business and a financial analyst. Not enough is known about her actual career.

Hlubi Nkosi’s Net Worth 

Hlubi Nkosi’s net worth is not known. 

Hlubi Nkosi Educational Qualification

Not enough information is available about Nkosi’s educational details.

Hlubi Nkosi Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram 

Hlubi Nkosi is on social media platforms, such as Instagram, and Twitter, the links are:



Frequently Asked Questions About Hlubi Nkosi:

Q.1 Who is Hlubi Nkosi?

Ans: Hlubi Nkosi is a South African businessman who is the fiance of singer Londie London.

Q.2 How old is Hlubi Nkosi?

Ans: Hlubi Nkosi’s exact age is not known.

Q.3 Is Hlubi Nkosi married?

Ans: No, Hlubi Nkosi is engaged to Londie London.

Q.4 What is Hlubi Nkosi’s Net worth?

Ans: Hlubi Nkosi’s net worth is not known.

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