Eric Shango Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Who, Nationality, Wife, Profession & more

Eric Shango: Eric Shango is a famous entertainer and stage craftsman. He has become an actor. Eric fulfilled his dream going to this year.
Eric is now gaining fame from the series Trigger point. He played role in this series, who is a corporal. Trigger Point to be the popular storyline.

Eric Shango


Eric Shango Wiki

Eric Shango is a famous entertainer. He is famed for a series of the trigger point. Eric has a great experience of becoming an artist and he started to get roles in the movies now.

Here, you read and learn about Eric Shango lifestyle, age, biography, family, professional life and more.

Name Eric Shango
Born Place Not Available
Professional entertainer and stage craftsman
Date of birth Not Available
Zodiac sign Not Available
School name Not Available
College name Not Available
Marital status Not Available
Partner Not Available
Nationality Not Available
Ethnicity Not Available

Eric Shango Family

His parent’s related identity is not available. His sibling details are also not available. Eric Shango belongs to which nationality is unknown. His nationality is not available. We will be updated soon on his nationality and ethnicity.

Mother’s name Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Brother name Not Available
Sister name Not Available

Eric Shango Wiki, Biography

Eric Shango grew up in North London, Islington. He went to high school to learn drama and acting. Some people question Who is Eric Shango? Eric Shango is a famous entertainer and a stage craftsman. His height & weight, age, date of birth and more people are learning more about Eric Shango lifestyle. Where was his education completed? Where he was born?

Eric Shango Personal life

Eric Shango marital status is unknown. His relationship is not available. His relationship is not in public. But people know about life, net worth, ethnicity, Nationality, his wife and are curious to more learn about Eric Shango.

Eric Shango Net worth

Eric Shango net worth is approx $1.1Million. Eric Shango’s Instagram accounts totalled 3k followers. He is still a rich man.

Eric Shango Age

Eric Shango was born which year is not known. We will be updated soon. His age is expected to be around 25-30 years old.

Eric Shango Height and Weight

Eric Shango height details are not Known and his weight is not Known.

Age Around 25-30
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye colour Not Available
Hair colour Not Available
Shoe size Not Available

Eric Shango Career & Professional Life

Eric Shango

Eric Shango is an entertainer and stage craftsman. Eric is drawing on his profession from the Trigger Point series well-known story. He has played the role of a corporal. He is growing up his acting career from series. He is a good entertainer. Eric Shango is also famous on Instagram. In 2020 his movie is Support Me and Trigger Point in 2022.

Eric Shango Social Media Accounts

Instagram Click here
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Twitter Click here
YouTube Click here

FAQ’S About Eric Shango

Q.1 Who is Eric Shango?

Ans. Eric Shango is an entertainer and stage craftsman

Q.2 What is Eric Shango’s Nationality?

Ans. Eric’s Nationality is not known.

Q.3 Where did Eric Shango was growing up?

Ans. Eric Shango’s grew up in North London, Islington.

Q.4 How old is Eric Shango?

Ans. Eric Shango age around 25-30 years old.

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