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DeOrr Kunz Wiki

DeOrr Kunz Jr is a little kid that is been missing since 10 July 2015 without a trace. He was last seen with his parents at Timber Creek Campground. There has been no sign of DeOrr after that, and none person has been blamed for in link to his vanishing. DeOrr’s Father Kunz and his Mother Mitchell were suspected by former Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowermanin in January 2016 former Lemhi County but they’ve never been take into the prisoners.

DeOrr Kunz Missing

DeOrr was just 2 years old when he was missing from the camping trip in the Ladaho Forests. Seven years ago today DeOrr missing. It’s been 7 years from now and there has been no clue of him since that day. The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office sealed that part of the Timber Creek Campground from 28 June to 1 July in search of the little kid but they couldn’t find out the kid.

All over the time, the Lemhi County Sherriff’s Office remains determined to find him.

DeOrr Kunz Jr.

DeOrr Kunz Investigation Update

There’s many private investigation teams and the FBI have been in the service to assist in huge searches of the area. 

DeOrr Kunz Family(Mother, Father & Great-Grandfather)

DeOrr Jr. Mother name is Jessica Mitchell and his Father name is Vernal DeOrr Kunz. His great-grandfather name is Robert Walton.

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