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Adam Smith Biography

Adam Smith was a Great Economist and Philosopher. He was a pioneer of the political economy. He is known as “The Father of Economics” or “The Father of Capitalism”.

Absolute Advantage was introduced by Adam Smith. He can talk to himself.  He had written 2 single works named “An Inquiry into the Nature” and “Causes of the Wealth of Nations”.

Adam Smith Biography, Wiki, Age

Adam Smith was born on 5 June 1723 in Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom. He did Primary Education schooling in Kirkcaldy. He did his schooling in the year 1729-37 at Kirkcaldy High School.

He did college life at “The University of Oxford”, “The University of Glasgow”, “The University of Edinburgh”, and ” Balliol College”. He died on 17 July 1790 at Panmure House, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 

He received 2 awards named “Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh”, Fellow of Royal Society”. His hobbies are Music, Traveling, & Reading.

Adam Smith’s Wife, Children

Adam Smith was a married man. He married Margaret Douglas. According to social media, other information cannot be given about his spouse.

His child’s name is Adam Smith. He was born in 1982 in Searcy, Arkansas, the USA. He is growing up in New York, The USA. He was the son of the second marriage of Adam Smith.

Adam Smith Family, Siblings 

Adam Smith’s father’s name is “Samilou Smith”. His Mothers name is “Samilou Smith”.

According to Social Media, Adam Smith’s siblings cannot be given. Only know that he had one brother and sister.  

Adam Smith Height, Weight

Adam Smith Height is 6 feet 1 inch [ In meters 1.88m]. His Weight is 78 kg.

Adam Smith’s Net Worth

Adam Smith’s Net Worth is $750,000 US Dollars approx.

Adam Smith Ethnicity, Nationality 

Adam Smith’s Ethnicity is American, Christianity, and White. His Nationality is American.   

Adam Smith Social Media


Frequently asked questions, Adam Smith

Q1) Who is Adam Smith ?

Ans 1) Adam Smith is a Great Economist and Philosopher. He was a pioneer of the political economy.

Q 2) What is Adam Smith’s Net Worth?

Ans 2) Adam Smith’s Net Worth is $750,000 US Dollars approx.

Q3)What is Adam Smith’s theory? 

Ans 3) Adam Smith’s theory is to give everyone freedom so that they can Freely trade, Exchange goods in foreign trade, and domestic trade.

Q4) What are Adam Smith’s three main ideas?

Ans 4) Adam Smith’s main 3 ideas are “the importance of free markets”, “assembly-line production methods”, and “gross domestic product (GDP) “.

Q5) What is Adam Smith’s most famous theory?

Ans 5) Adam Smith’s most famous theory is  “The invisible hand theory”.

Q6)Who invented capitalism?

Ans 6) Capitalism was invented by the Great economist “Adam Smith”. 

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