Who is Uju Anya?

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Uju Anya is a professor at Carnegie Melon University, She was slammed online after she mocked late Queen Elizabeth II's health condition hours before her death.

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Now- deleted controversal tweets, the prfessor hoped that the late famous Queen's death would be "excruiating".She also added some hate & racist words in her message.

Based on various terms, Dr Uju Anya in the meanwile she works at Carnegie Mellon College as a affilate professor of newest languages.

The establishment has made it clear that they dont't help Anya's because of disagreeable & inappropriate messages & that they dont't condone them.

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She is professor of utilized linguistics & researcher Anya works at Carnegie Mellon College. Her imporatnt discourse evaluation primarily take a look at how African American college schools.

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Uju obtained divorced after being married. Uju had two children alongside along with her ex-boyfriend.Uju announced on social media that they'd lately finalized the required paperwork.

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She also accepted that that she is single & doesn't intend to get married.