Madhya Pradesh Girl Stabbed For Rejecting Proposal, Accused Found Dead

The accused, Babloo, stabbed the 20 years old girl multiple times at her home in Bangarda after she refused to marry him.

20 years old Anita

 A girl in a Madhya Pradesh village was critically injured after being stabbed by a man for allegedly turning down his marriage proposal

Anita's sister said Babloo was forcing the girl to marry him and he attacked her after she turned down his proposal.

Anita's sister says they were alone at the house as our parents had gone to our aunt’s village.  when I went inside the room,

the watchman Babloo came to our house and attacked my sister.

The criminal poured petrol on the girl through the window of her home when she was asleep and set her on fire.

The girl, Ankita, died on Sunday at the hospital during treatment.

Watchman Bablu arrested by Madhya Pradesh police.