Who is Jameel Alexandar Thermiotis and Princess Iman

Jameel Alexandar Thermiotis is the most popular Financier in New York. Jameel and Princess Iman engaged on 6 July 2022 Privately in New York.

Jameel full name is Jameel Alexandar Thermiotis, Jameel currently famous because he is engaged with Princess.   Jameel was born in 1994 at Venezualla,SouthAmerica, and his age is 28 years old. 

Jameel studies completed from Private school and Private college Jammeel Height is    5,9 Jameel Weight  is 73 kg

Jammeel Father name is not known. Jameel mother name is not known.  Jameel Ethinicity is White. Jameel Religion is Christianity.

Princess Iman full name is Princess Iman bint Abdullah is a famous Asistroit. Iman born on 27 September 1996. Iman is the member of Hashemite Family. 

Iman is live in Amman,Jordan.  Princess Iman father name is Abdullah II of Jordan. Princess Iman  mother name is a Queen Rania.

Siblings Princess Salma Bint Abdullah, Hussein, Crown Prince Of Jordan, Prince Hashem Bin Abdullah

Princess Iman Height  is 5,7 approx Weight  is 55-60 approx 

Princess Iman Net Worth is a $1.5 million.

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