Who is Hunter Moore?

Hunter Moore created IsAnyoneUp.com From Sacramento, California.  described as one of the earliest examples of a revenge porn website.

The site, launched in 2010, allowed users to share sexually explicit images of people online without their consent, along with personal information like names and addresses.

According to the victims, Moore, aged 26 at the time, refused to take down the pictures despite their requests.

Moore dubbed himself a “professional life ruiner” and compared himself to Charles Manson, attracting “followers” who supported him. Facebook banned him for life, while PayPal blocked his account.

Charlotte Laws, the mother of a victim who had her photos posted onto the site in January 2012 after her email and Facebook accounts were hacked

Charlotte Laws

Moore was released from prison in May 2017. he’s promoted some projects since. He released a single in 2017 titled  ‘Make The Internet Great Again’ along with a book titled Is Anyone Up!? The Story Behind Revenge Porn in 2018.

According to Netflix, Moore initially agreed to participate in The Most Hated Man On The Internet documentary, “but later declined” for unknown reasons.