EOW called Jacqueline in the money laundering case for the second time for 5 days

EOW talked to Jacqueline for 8 hours.

Economic Offenses Wing summoned Jacqueline at 11 am on Monday in a money laundering case of Rs 200 crore

Jacqueline's interrogation with EOW lasted 8 hours, in which EOW asked 100 questions to Jacqueline.

In the interrogation on September 14, Pinky Irani, an aide of thug Sukesh, was also called.

According to the report, Jacqueline told that she had received a gift of crores of rupees from Suresh.

Jacqueline said that Suresh had also gifted her a diamond ring worth crores.

Jacqueline also said that the diamond ring that Suresh gave as a gift to Jacqueline also had a j and s symbol on it.

It is being said that Jacqueline knew from the beginning that Suresh was a thug, even after that Jacqueline and Suresh affair continued.

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