Who was David McCullough?

 David McCullough died from natural causes on 7th August,2022 at the age of 89 Years old.

Cause of Death

David McCullough born on 7 July,1933 in Pittsburg,Pennsylvania in USA

David McCullough was an American author, narrotar, popular historian and lecturer.

David McCullough was two times  awarded by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author in his life.

he was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the United States' highest civilian awards.

 David father is Christian Hax McCullough and mother Ruth Rankin.

David McCullough with Family

David McCullough Jr.,  Dorie Lawson, bill, and Melissa McDonald.


David McCullough  married with Rosalee Ingram Barnes in 1954

Net Worth is $8 Million