Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi Mother Pass Away

Paola  Maino Mother of Sonia Gandhi passed away on Saturday at her home in Italy and her funeral took place on Tuesday

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Sonia Gandhi and her daughter Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul gandhi joined in Sonia mother funeral


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Sonia Gandhi was born on 9 December 1946, Her birth place Lusiana which is situated Italy and her age is 75 years

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College = Insituto Santa                   Teresa ,Italy School   =Catholic                   School in                      Orbassano,italy   


Favourites = Ice                      Cream  &                       Salads

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Hobbies= Travling,                     Cooking,Yoga,                     Reading,                     Interest in                     Modern of Art

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Father Name = Stefano                              Maino Mother Name =Paola                              Maino Sister Name =  Anushka                        (Elder),Nadia                        ( Younger)          

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Marital Status =Widowed Affairs               = franco                                Luison                                (Italian                              Footballer) Husband         = Rajiv                              Gandhi

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Children  Son         =    Rahul                        Gandhi Daughter =   Priyanka                         Gandhi

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Sonia Gandhi Net Worth is 11 crore Rupees 

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