American Pie Actress Jennifer Coolidge Husband and Relationship Details

Jennifer Coolidge is recently taked in interview about her personal life. She claimed have to slept with 200 peoples.

 Jennifer Coolidge is a  American actress who is best known for playing Jeanine “Stifler’s Mom” Stifler (1999–2012).

Jennifer Coolidge is born on 28 August 1961, age 61 years (as of 2022). she is famous for role in "Stifer's Mom" in American Pie Film Series.

Parents - Gretchen        Knauff, Paul    ConstantCoolidge. Siblings -                     Susannah Coolidge, Andrew Coolidge, Elizabeth Coolidge

Famous for playing Paulette Bonafonte Parcelle in the Legally Blonde movie series, the actress (2001-2003).

Height 5'5  Weight 60-70kg  Net Worth $6 Million

the American Pie star is dating with writing partner Bank McClintock. he was also her boyfriend. 

Tom Mahoney is alleged to have been Jennifer Coolidge’s husband.  rumours that Jennifer Coolidge wed her boyfriend, the late Tom Mahoney.

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